Mark J. Nelson

Hi, I'm Mark. I'm an artificial-intelligence researcher, mostly studying formalized, automated, and assisted videogame design. I've also been strongly influenced by AI work in other artistic and design domains, especially computer music, and try to occasionally contribute in those areas as well.

I have a somewhat classic "broad" view of AI, viewing it as a rich interdisciplinary field rather than a purely technical one, where an important part of the field's research is in understanding how to computationalize vague concepts like "intelligence" and "aesthetics", and formalize interesting material in a way machines can work with. As a result I also study the intellectual history of the field (and the history of technology more generally), since debates and techniques recur and change in interesting ways.

I currently live in Falmouth, Cornwall, which is in the far southwest of the UK, where I'm Senior Research Fellow at the MetaMakers Institute of Falmouth University. Prior to that, I was Assistant Professor in the Center for Computer Games Research of the IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark (2011–2015).

Earlier still, I studied computer science at Harvey Mudd College (BSc) and the Georgia Institute of Technology (PhD), and worked as a researcher in the Expressive Intelligence Studio of the University of California Santa Cruz. Biographically speaking, I'm a Greek–American who grew up in Chicago and Texas. Other academically related activities of mine include serving as a Wikipedia administrator (since 2003), and maintaining a big database of institutions and individuals who are active in technical games research.


Twitter: @mjntendency