Mark J. Nelson

Hi, I'm Mark. I'm an artificial-intelligence researcher, mostly studying AI and videogames. I currently live in Falmouth, Cornwall, which is in the far southwest of the UK, and where I'm Senior Research Fellow at the MetaMakers Institute of Falmouth University.

Since it's often the first question someone asks: Oddly enough, I'm not really a huge gamer, though I do of course like to play some games. What got me into this area is how interesting videogames are from an AI perspective. They bring together design of interactive systems, human and AI agents interacting in constructed worlds, interactive storytelling, objective decision-making, subjective aesthetics and enjoyment, goal-directed and non-goal-directed action, interactive art, and more. My own work focuses mostly on either formalizing aspects of games' structure, or on automated or semi-automated (AI-assisted) game design.

Beyond AI and games, and in common with many others who identify with the broad AI tradition (rather than with a specific technical subfield), I have fairly wide academic interests, both across computer science, and in other fields that impact the computationalization of intelligence.


Twitter: @mm_jj_nn