2018 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship award tallies

By field of study and undergraduate institution

The U.S. National Science Foundation announced its 2018 Graduate Research Fellowship Program recipients today. A full list of the 2,000 recipients is available from NSF FastLane.

Alas, as these things often go, the data is messy, e.g. the same university's name appears with multiple spellings ("University of California, Berkeley" versus "University of California-Berkeley", etc.). I've cleaned it up and made tables below of the number of recipients per field of study and from each undergraduate institution.

(The NSF data also has a field for "current" institution, but I don't list that because it's too messy to be useful. Students can apply for an NSF fellowship in either the senior year of undergrad, or the first two years of grad school, and these are mixed together without marking which is which. Furthermore, current institution is missing for 10% of them.)

Field of Study#
Life Sciences526
Social Sciences152
Physics and Astronomy129
Mathematical Sciences96
Materials Research54
STEM Education and Learning Research27

Detailed Field of Study#
Engineering - Biomedical Engineering109
Life Sciences - Ecology107
Engineering - Mechanical Engineering83
Life Sciences - Neurosciences78
Engineering - Chemical Engineering75
Engineering - Bioengineering50
Physics and Astronomy - Astronomy and Astrophysics47
Life Sciences - Biochemistry45
Life Sciences - Cell Biology43
Life Sciences - Microbial Biology42
Engineering - Electrical and Electronic Engineering37
Life Sciences - Evolutionary Biology36
Social Sciences - Economics36
Chemistry - Chemical Synthesis33
Engineering - Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering32
Engineering - Environmental Engineering31
Mathematical Sciences - Algebra, Number Theory, and Combinatorics29
Psychology - Cognitive Neuroscience28
Engineering - Materials Engineering27
Life Sciences - Genetics26
Chemistry - Chemical Catalysis25
Life Sciences - Systems and Molecular Biology25
Chemistry - Chemistry of Life Processes24
Psychology - Social Psychology24
Physics and Astronomy - Condensed Matter Physics23
Chemistry - Chemical Theory, Models and Computational Methods22
Chemistry - Chemical Structure, Dynamics, and Mechanism21
Comp/IS/Eng - Machine Learning21
Comp/IS/Eng - Robotics and Computer Vision21
Social Sciences - Sociology20
Engineering - Civil Engineering19
Chemistry - Macromolecular, Supramolecular, and Nanochemistry18
Life Sciences - Genomics18
Psychology - Developmental Psychology18
Mathematical Sciences - Applied Mathematics17
Life Sciences - Developmental Biology16
Physics and Astronomy - Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics16
Physics and Astronomy - Particle Physics16
Life Sciences - Organismal Biology15
Social Sciences - Political Science15
Social Sciences - Biological Anthropology14
Geosciences - Biogeochemistry13
Geosciences - Biological Oceanography13
Life Sciences - Structural Biology13
STEM Education and Learning Research - Science Education13
Social Sciences - Geography12
Comp/IS/Eng - Computational Science and Engineering11
Life Sciences - Bioinformatics and Computational Biology11
Social Sciences - Archaeology11
Social Sciences - Cultural Anthropology11
Comp/IS/Eng - Algorithms and Theoretical Foundations10
Comp/IS/Eng - Bioinformatics and other Informatics10
Comp/IS/Eng - Human Computer Interaction10
Geosciences - Marine Biology10
Life Sciences - Biophysics10
Materials Research - Chemistry of Materials10
Psychology - Cognitive Psychology10
Chemistry - Chemical Measurement and Imaging9
Geosciences - Atmospheric Chemistry9
Geosciences - Hydrology9
Life Sciences - Environmental Biology9
Comp/IS/Eng - Natural Language Processing8
Life Sciences - Physiology8
Materials Research - Biomaterials8
Materials Research - Electronic Materials8
Physics and Astronomy - Physics of Living Systems8
Physics and Astronomy - Theoretical Physics8
STEM Education and Learning Research - Engineering Education8
Comp/IS/Eng - Computer Security and Privacy7
Life Sciences - other (specify) - Immunology7
Materials Research - Physics of Materials7
Materials Research - Polymers7
Mathematical Sciences - Biostatistics7
Mathematical Sciences - Statistics7
Social Sciences - Linguistics7
Geosciences - Geochemistry6
Geosciences - Geomorphology6
Mathematical Sciences - Computational Mathematics6
Mathematical Sciences - Mathematical Biology6
Psychology - Neuropsychology6
Psychology - Social/Affective Neuroscience6
Chemistry - other (specify) - Chemical Biology5
Comp/IS/Eng - Communication and Information Theory5
Engineering - Nuclear Engineering5
Geosciences - Climate and Large-Scale Atmospheric Dynamics5
Geosciences - Geobiology5
Geosciences - Geophysics5
Geosciences - Paleoclimate5
Social Sciences - Public Policy5
Chemistry - Environmental Chemical Systems4
Comp/IS/Eng - Computer Networks4
Comp/IS/Eng - Computer Systems and Embedded Systems4
Geosciences - Chemical Oceanography4
Geosciences - Paleontology and Paleobiology4
Geosciences - Petrology4
Geosciences - Tectonics4
Materials Research - Materials Theory4
Mathematical Sciences - Analysis4
Mathematical Sciences - Geometric Analysis4
Mathematical Sciences - Topology4
Physics and Astronomy - Nuclear Physics4
Physics and Astronomy - Plasma Physics4
Psychology - other (specify) - Clinical Psychology4
Social Sciences - Science Policy4
Comp/IS/Eng - Formal Methods, Verification, and Programming Languages3
Engineering - Computer Engineering3
Engineering - Industrial Engineering and Operations Research3
Engineering - Optical Engineering3
Engineering - Polymer Engineering3
Geosciences - Marine Geology and Geophysics3
Life Sciences - other (specify) - Behavioral Ecology3
Life Sciences - Systematics and Biodiversity3
Materials Research - Ceramics3
Materials Research - Metallic Materials3
Materials Research - Photonic Materials3
Mathematical Sciences - Computational and Data-enabled Science3
Mathematical Sciences - Logic or Foundations of Mathematics3
Psychology - Personality and Individual Differences3
Psychology - Psycholinguistics3
Comp/IS/Eng - Data Mining and Information Retrieval2
Comp/IS/Eng - other (specify) - Artificial Intelligence2
Engineering - Systems Engineering2
Geosciences - other (specify) - Planetary Science2
Geosciences - Physical and Dynamic Meteorology2
Geosciences - Physical Oceanography2
Mathematical Sciences - Computational Statistics2
Mathematical Sciences - Probability2
Psychology - Computational Psychology2
Psychology - Industrial/Organizational Psychology2
Psychology - Perception and Psychophysics2
Social Sciences - Medical Anthropology2
Social Sciences - Urban and Regional Planning2
STEM Education and Learning Research - Mathematics Education2
Chemistry - other (specify) - Electroanalytical Chemistry1
Chemistry - other (specify) - Inorganic Materials1
Chemistry - other (specify) - Materials Chemistry1
Chemistry - other (specify) - Materials Science1
Chemistry - other (specify) - Physical1
Chemistry - other (specify) - Physical Chemistry1
Chemistry - other (specify) - Radiochemistry1
Chemistry - other (specify) - Spectroscopy1
Chemistry - Sustainable Chemistry1
Comp/IS/Eng - Computer Architecture1
Comp/IS/Eng - Graphics and Visualization1
Comp/IS/Eng - other (specify) - Sketch Recognition/HCI/ML1
Comp/IS/Eng - Software Engineering1
Engineering - Ocean Engineering1
Engineering - other (specify) - Ecological Engineering1
Engineering - other (specify) - Engineering - Water Resources1
Engineering - other (specify) - Neural Engineering1
Engineering - other (specify) - Plasma Science and Engineering, Environmental En1
Engineering - other (specify) - Transportation Engineering1
Geosciences - Geodynamics1
Geosciences - Glaciology1
Geosciences - other (specify) - Climate science1
Geosciences - other (specify) - Earth System Science1
Geosciences - other (specify) - Mineral Physics1
Geosciences - other (specify) - Seismology1
Geosciences - other (specify) - Soil Science1
Life Sciences - other (specify) - Biology1
Life Sciences - other (specify) - Ecohydrology1
Life Sciences - other (specify) - Ecophysiology1
Life Sciences - other (specify) - Entomology1
Life Sciences - other (specify) - Immunology/Parasitology1
Life Sciences - other (specify) - Infectious Disease Ecology1
Life Sciences - other (specify) - Marine Ecology1
Life Sciences - other (specify) - Neuroendocrinology1
Life Sciences - other (specify) - Plant Pathology1
Life Sciences - other (specify) - Systems Immunology1
Life Sciences - other (specify) - Wildlife Conservation1
Materials Research - Materials, other (specify) - Transparent Conductors1
Mathematical Sciences - other (specify) - Dynamics/Geometry1
Mathematical Sciences - other (specify) - Symplectic & Contact Geometry1
Physics and Astronomy - other (specify) - Biophysics1
Physics and Astronomy - other (specify) - Particle accelerators1
Physics and Astronomy - other (specify) - Quantum Information Theory1
Psychology - Comparative Psychology1
Psychology - other (specify) - Clinical1
Psychology - other (specify) - Clinical Psychology: Research Focus Neuroendocrin1
Psychology - other (specify) - Clinical Science1
Psychology - other (specify) - Cognition and Development1
Psychology - other (specify) - Educational Psychology1
Psychology - other (specify) - Health Psychology1
Psychology - other (specify) - Psychopathology1
Psychology - Physiological Psychology1
Psychology - Quantitative Psychology1
Social Sciences - Anthropology, other (specify) - Archaeology1
Social Sciences - Anthropology, other (specify) - Cultural Anthropology1
Social Sciences - Anthropology, other (specify) - Environmental Anthropology1
Social Sciences - Decision Making and Risk Analysis1
Social Sciences - History and Philosophy of Science1
Social Sciences - International Relations1
Social Sciences - Law and Social Science1
Social Sciences - other (specify) - Environmental Management1
Social Sciences - other (specify) - Governance and Human Dimensions of Natural R1
Social Sciences - other (specify) - Human Dimensions of Coral Reefs1
Social Sciences - other (specify) - Human dimensions of natural resources manage1
Social Sciences - other (specify) - Narrative Medicine1
Social Sciences - other (specify) - Natural Resource Economics1
STEM Education and Learning Research - other (specify) - Chemistry Education Res1
STEM Education and Learning Research - other (specify) - Educational Policy and1
STEM Education and Learning Research - other (specify) - Environmental Education1
STEM Education and Learning Research - Technology Education1

Baccalaureate Institution#
University of California-Berkeley75
Massachusetts Institute of Technology51
Cornell University46
Harvard University43
Princeton University41
Stanford University41
University of California-Los Angeles37
Columbia University30
University of Washington30
University of Chicago29
University of California-San Diego27
University of Texas at Austin27
University of Maryland College Park25
Yale University25
California Institute of Technology23
Duke University23
Pennsylvania State Univ University Park22
University of California-Davis22
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities22
Brown University21
University of Michigan Ann Arbor21
University of California-Santa Barbara20
Georgia Institute of Technology19
University of Wisconsin-Madison19
Johns Hopkins University18
Northeastern University18
University of Florida18
Arizona State University16
North Carolina State University16
University of California-Irvine16
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign16
Rice University14
University of Arizona14
University of Pennsylvania14
Michigan State University13
Ohio State University13
University of Utah13
Texas A&M University Main Campus12
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill12
Washington University12
Northwestern University11
University of Virginia Main Campus11
Vanderbilt University11
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University11
Boston University10
Oregon State University10
Tufts University10
University of Connecticut10
University of Maryland Baltimore County10
University of Miami10
University of Rochester10
University of South Carolina at Columbia10
Wellesley College10
Case Western Reserve University9
Dartmouth College9
University of Central Florida9
University of Colorado at Boulder9
University of Delaware9
Williams College9
Brigham Young University8
California State University-Fullerton8
Carnegie Mellon University8
Indiana University8
Rutgers University New Brunswick8
University of New Mexico8
University of Notre Dame8
University of Pittsburgh8
Iowa State University7
Pomona College7
Purdue University7
SUNY at Buffalo7
Swarthmore College7
University of Georgia7
University of Montana7
Carleton College6
Clemson University6
College of William and Mary6
Emory University6
Florida State University6
George Washington University6
James Madison University6
Oberlin College6
San Diego State University6
San Francisco State University6
University of California-Santa Cruz6
University of Iowa6
Boise State University5
Boston College5
California Polytechnic State University5
California State University, Northridge5
Colorado State University5
Drexel University5
Harvey Mudd College5
Haverford College5
New York University5
The College of New Jersey5
University of California-Riverside5
University of Kansas Main Campus5
University of Massachusetts Amherst5
University of Oregon Eugene5
University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras5
University of Texas at Dallas5
Utah State University5
Amherst College4
Appalachian State University4
Barnard College4
Brandeis University4
Bucknell University4
California State Polytechnic University-Pomona4
Claremont McKenna College4
Colorado College4
Florida International University4
Georgetown University4
Hendrix College4
Kansas State University4
Middlebury College4
Oklahoma State University4
Rochester Institute of Tech4
Syracuse University4
Tulane University4
Union College4
University of Arkansas4
University of Oklahoma Norman Campus4
University of Portland4
University of South Florida4
University of Southern California4
University of Texas at San Antonio4
Villanova University4
Virginia Commonwealth University4
American University3
Bowdoin College3
Bridgewater State College3
California State University, San Marcos3
Coe College3
Colby College3
CUNY City College3
DePaul University3
Furman University3
Goucher College3
Grinnell College3
Kenyon College3
Lafayette College3
Lawrence University3
Messiah College3
Miami University3
Montana State University3
Mount Holyoke College3
New Mexico State University3
North Dakota State University Fargo3
Occidental College3
Ohio University3
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute3
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology3
Saint Olaf College3
San Jose State University3
Scripps College3
Smith College3
Southern Methodist University3
SUNY at Stony Brook3
University of Alabama at Birmingham3
University of Alaska Anchorage Campus3
University of Cincinnati Main Campus3
University of Idaho3
University of Louisville3
University of Maine3
University of Missouri-Columbia3
University of Nebraska at Omaha3
University of North Carolina at Charlotte3
University of Puerto Rico Cayey3
University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez3
University of Puget Sound3
University of South Dakota Main Campus3
Wake Forest University3
Auburn University2
Bates College2
Baylor University2
Bryn Mawr College2
California State University-Long Beach2
Cambridge University2
Christian Brothers University2
Colgate University2
College of Charleston2
Colorado School of Mines2
Denison University2
DePauw University2
Dickinson College2
East Tennessee State University2
Elon University2
Florida Gulf Coast University2
Georgia State University2
Hampton University2
Hartwick College2
Humboldt State University2
Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis2
Ithaca College2
Kalamazoo College2
Lehigh University2
Lewis and Clark College2
Louisiana State University2
Loyola Marymount University2
Macalester College2
Missouri University of Science and Technology2
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology2
Pitzer College2
Portland State University2
Reed College2
Rhodes College2
Rowan University2
Skidmore College2
St. Norbert College2
Stevens Institute of Technology2
SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry2
Texas State University - San Marcos2
Towson University2
University of British Columbia2
University of Hawaii Manoa2
University of Illinois at Chicago2
University of Kentucky2
University of Massachusetts Lowell2
University of Nebraska-Lincoln2
University of Nevada, Reno2
University of North Carolina Greensboro2
University of Puerto Rico at Humacao2
University of Rhode Island2
University of San Diego2
University of Scranton2
University of Southern Mississippi2
University of Tennessee Knoxville2
University of Texas at El Paso2
University of West Florida2
Vassar College2
Washington and Jefferson College2
Washington and Lee University2
Washington State University2
Wesleyan University2
West Virginia University2
Wichita State University2
Worcester Polytechnic Institute2
Youngstown State University2
Adrian College1
Anderson University1
Augsburg College1
Augustana College1
Australian National University1
Ball State University1
Bard College1
Barry University1
Bellarmine University1
Beloit College1
Benedictine University1
Berklee College of Music1
Binghamton University1
Bradley University1
California Lutheran University1
California State University Channel Islands1
California State University-Dominguez Hills1
California State University-Fresno1
California State University-Los Angeles1
California State University-Sacramento1
California State University-San Bernardino1
Canisius College1
Carroll College1
Chapman University1
Chicago State University1
Clarion University of Pennsylvania1
Clark Atlanta University1
Clarkson University1
Cleveland State University1
Coastal Carolina University1
College of the Atlantic1
College of the Holy Cross1
Connecticut College1
Coppin State University1
CUNY Brooklyn College1
CUNY Herbert H. Lehman College1
CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice1
CUNY Queens College1
Dakota Wesleyan University1
Dalhousie University1
DeSales University1
Drake University1
Drew University1
Drury University1
Duquesne University1
Eastern Illinois University1
Eastern Mennonite University1
Eastern Oregon University1
Eastern Washington University1
Edinboro University of Pennsylvania1
Fisk University1
Fort Hays State University1
Fort Lewis College1
Franklin Pierce College1
Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering1
George Mason University1
Gettysburg College1
Hamilton College1
Hampshire College1
Harding University1
Heritage University1
Hope College1
Houston Baptist University1
Howard University1
Hunter College of CUNY1
Illinois Institute of Technology1
Illinois State University1
Illinois Wesleyan University1
Jackson State University1
Johnson State College1
Kent State University1
Lamar University Beaumont1
Linfield College1
Louisiana Tech University1
Loyola University of Chicago1
Luther College1
Lynchburg College1
Manchester University1
Manhattan College1
Marist College1
Marshall University1
McGill University1
Middle Georgia State University1
Middle Tennessee State University1
Millersville University1
Mills College1
Minot State University1
Mississippi State University1
Montclair State University1
Mount St. Mary's University1
National University1
National Yang-Ming Medical College1
New College of Florida1
New Jersey Institute of Technology1
Northeastern Illinois University1
Northern Arizona University1
Northern Illinois University1
Northern Michigan University1
Northland College1
Ohio Northern University1
Ohio Wesleyan University1
Otterbein College1
Penn State Harrisburg1
Pennsylvania State University - World Campus1
Point Loma Nazarene College1
Ripon College1
Rockford College1
Roger Williams University1
Saint Louis University1
Saint Martin's University1
Saint Mary's College of California1
Salish Kootenai College1
Santa Clara University1
Shaw University1
Simmons College1
Simon's Rock of Bard College1
Southwest Baptist University1
Southwestern University1
Spelman College1
Spring Hill College1
St Joseph's University1
St. Catherine University1
Suffolk University1
SUNY at Albany1
SUNY at Binghamton1
SUNY College at Geneseo1
SUNY College at Oswego1
Temple University1
Tennessee Technological University1
Texas A&M University at Galveston1
Texas Christian University1
Texas Tech University1
Tongji University1
Transylvania University1
Trinity University1
Truman State University1
United States Military Academy1
United States Naval Academy1
Universidad Metropolitana1
Universidad Simon Bolivar1
University of Alabama in Huntsville1
University of Alabama Tuscaloosa1
University of Alaska Southeast Juneau Campus1
University of Arkansas at Little Rock1
University of Central Oklahoma1
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs1
University of Dallas1
University of Dayton1
University of Denver1
University of Detroit Mercy1
University of Edinburgh1
University of Guam1
University of Hawaii at Hilo1
University of Louisiana at Lafayette1
University of Minnesota Duluth1
University of Mississippi1
University of Missouri-Saint Louis1
University of New Hampshire1
University of New Haven1
University of North Carolina at Asheville1
University of North Carolina at Wilmington1
University of North Dakota1
University of North Texas1
University of Northern Colorado1
University of Ottawa1
University of Puerto Rico in Ponce1
University of Richmond1
University of Saint Joseph1
University of Saint Thomas1
University of San Francisco1
University of South Alabama1
University of South Florida St. Petersburg1
University of Tampa1
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley1
University of the Pacific1
University of the South1
University of The Virgin Islands1
University of Tulsa1
University of Vermont1
University of Virginia's College at Wise1
University of Washington Bothell1
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire1
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse1
University of Wisconsin-Platteville1
Walla Walla College1
Washington College1
Washington State University Tri-Cities1
Wayne State University1
Wesleyan College1
Western Kentucky University1
Western Washington University1
Wheaton College1
Wheeling Jesuit University1
Whitman College1
Willamette University1
William Jewell College1
Winona State University1
Winthrop University1
Wofford College1
Wright State University1