Mistaken machine translations of 'ribbit'

If you try to translate 'ribbit' (the sound a frog makes in English), Google Translate will usually just leave it untranslated. But in a few cases it makes amusing mistakes:

English → Greek
κουνέλι ('rabbit')
English → Spanish
costilla ('rib')
English → Chinese
收购Ribbit ('acquisition of Ribbit')

In the Greek and Spanish cases, it makes two different spurious autocorrections on the English side. For Chinese, ribbit is instead interpreted as the former company.

The real Greek onomatopoeia for a frog is among the best of any animal: βρεκεκέξ κουάξ κουάξ (vrekekéx kouáx kouáx). It comes from a line in Aristophanes, where it was βρεκεκεκὲξ κοὰξ κοάξ. It makes more sense if you think of a marsh frog's sound.