Professional Activities

Besides research and teaching, a fairly big part of the job of being an academic is participating in various kinds of professional activities that keep one's field moving. This page documents some of mine. (I have to keep track of this anyway for annual submission to my university.)

Conference Organization

Computer science is somewhat unusual in that a large portion of the papers in the field are published in conference proceedings rather than in journals. While conferences in many other fields have more informal acceptance processes, based on abstracts or working papers, most conferences in computer science have a program committee peer-review full paper submissions about 6-10 months before the conference. Accepted papers are then published in an archival proceedings volume, and are considered "real" publications, on par with journals. As a result, a lot of activity in the field involves organizing these conferences, carrying out the peer review, etc.

Workshop Organization

Workshops are smaller venues for more preliminary work, held either independently or co-located with a conference.

Invited Talks and Events

Other Reviewing

Other Activities

Mark J. Nelson