Competitive coevolution in Ms. Pac-Man

Andrew Borg Cardona, Julian Togelius, Mark J. Nelson (2013). Competitive coevolution in Ms. Pac-Man. In Proceedings of the IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation, pp. 1403–1410.


In this paper we investigate the suitability of the arcade game Ms. Pac-Man, as implemented in the recent Pac-Man versus Ghost Teams Competition, as a testbed for competitive coevolution. To that end, we explore competitive co-evolution techniques to co-evolve Pac-Man and Ghosts team controllers. We analyze in some detail the dynamics of evolution between the two classes and compare them with single-objective evolution and static controllers. We note differences between evolutions of the two classes having observed higher fitness transitivity in Pac-Man than in the Ghosts. The problem of finding a well-performing general purpose Pac-Man is far different than that of finding a good and general Ghosts controller.

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